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The ability to remove a profile from R6Stats is being moved to My Account and will be available again shortly.

R6Stats is changing to allow users to securely claim a Uplay account and any associated Rainbow Six: Siege profiles linked to it for the purposes of providing some advanced features.

Unlike other services that provide unofficial and insecure "Link with Uplay" functionality (where you have no guarantee what is happening with the Uplay credentials you enter), R6Stats would never ask our users to enter their Uplay credentials anywhere other than an official Ubisoft service.

We instead ask our users to update their Uplay avatar to a unique image we generate for them and, once we have confirmed the changed avatar, the Uplay account is linked to their R6Stats account and they are free to return their avatar to one of their choice.

This is the same process used by R6DB in the past, and is the same process we used for allowing users to delete their profile. To prevent duplicated functionality we are merging the "claim Uplay account" and "delete profile" processes into one, and will provide a simple button against each claimed profile allowing users to delete claimed profiles along with all data currently stored for them.

Whilst we work on releasing these changes, if you would like to delete your profile please get in touch with us on Discord or via email to [email protected]. Thank you for your patience whilst we implement these changes.