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Welcome to R6Stats v2

It's been awhile! We're happy to announce the release of R6Stats V2, including updates for the web, iOS and Android.

After various delays, we've finally reached a point where we feel we are ready to release the new version of R6Stats to the public, and we couldn't be more excited for you to see what we have in store!

The new version of R6Stats includes a new design on the website, fixes for major issues, and features that we were unable to bring to you on the legacy version of our platform. You'll be able to navigate the website quickly and easily on mobile, view and compare your seasonal stats with your friends and fellow players, as well as view stats that are available on no other services. With this release, all of your data will now be synced across devices. You can favorite players on the R6Stats website, and login to our iOS or Android apps to view the most up to date stats of your favorite players on the go. Over time, we plan to introduce even more features to make your Rainbow Six: Siege competitive experience that much better.

As for your accounts on the previous website or apps, they have been transferred to our new website, and apps and will continue to function as before. You can start adding your favorite players by creating an account or logging in, or logging into your existing account on our login page!

If registering for the first time you will need to verify your email address so that we can send you updates on your favorite players, as well as ensuring that we can contact you in case you happen to forget your password or have other issues.

If you have any questions we are available on Twitter, as well as Reddit, or by email at [email protected].