R6Stats Update - August 27th

about 2 months ago by Jake0oo0

Hello everyone!

This morning we deployed a patch for a few bugs on the website, including a new statistic!


  • Distance Moved has been removed. This stat was inaccurate and we were unsure of the unit of measure, leading to a number of questions and complaints.

  • Replaced distanced moved with a Barricades to Reinforcements ratio. This stat is being tested, but you can quickly get an idea of how many barricades you are putting down in comparison to reinforcing walls. If you have ideas for other stats like this please tweet us @R6Stats

  • Replace 'Experience' with 'Experience to Level Up'. Based on our research and help from others we have discovered that the XP value displayed on the site is actually the XP to the next level. This has been clarified.

  • Remove the pointless social media logos at the bottom of the page

  • Fixed errors when trying to view operators for players that had yet to be indexed in the database

  • Add commas to the global stats on the homepage

If you notice any bugs, please feel free to send us a tweet!


Rainbow Six 4.1 Patch Notes

2 months ago by Jake0oo0

Patch 4.1 will be deployed on August 25th for all platforms.


Pulse Rebalancing Reduced range for Pulse’s gadget, and he can no longer quick swap out of his gadget. The previous update that we did on Pulse’s Heartbeat Sensor not only made it more comfortable to use, but it also made him stronger since the frequency of the heartbeat detection updates became higher. Combined with the fact that it was possible to switch extremely fast from the Heartbeat Sensor to the main gun, this made him too strong – our gameplay stats and the community feedback made that very clear. As a consequence, we have opted to tweak him as follows: Detection range of Pulse’s Heartbeat Sensor is reduced from 13m to 9m. Pulse will no longer be able to instantly switch from his Heartbeat Sensor to his previously equipped weapon by pressing the weapon switch button. This means the delay before the player can shoot will increase by 0.8 seconds (from roughly 0.4s increased to 1.2s).


Semi-Auto Shotgun Balancing Semi-automatic shotguns will be getting a few tweaks to make them less powerful at longer range. Based on the data we collected and feedback from the community and Pro League players, we have opted to balance semi-automatic shotguns. Patch 4.1 will be introducing these changes: We will be reducing short range and medium range raw damage by approximately 25-30%. For both hipfire and ADS (Aim Down Sight), we will be making their cones of dispersion wider by 1.5 degrees, which is approximately 10% more than their previous state. This means that there will be a less concentrated dispersion of bullets.


Our intention is to make semi-automatic shotguns carry out incredible damage at short range, but lessen their impact significantly from medium to long range. The damage falloff from the original damage output will now be more noticeable. At longer ranges, the accuracy of the shots will also be harder to predict with precision, as players will have less gradually less control the further away they are from their target.

The shotguns that will be affected are the following:

SPAS-12 – Valkyrie

SPAS-15 – Caveira

Super90 – Frost

M1014 – Pulse, Thermite, & Castle


Gameplay Fixes

Fixed – Shield Operators movement speed is slower than intended. [They are now back to Season 2 speeds]

Fixed – When the middle beam of a trap door is destroyed, it can no longer be reinforced.

Fixed – When a player falls while rappelling and then climbs a ladder, they will float in the air.

Fixed – Some users found an exploit that would allow them to see through walls.

Fixed – Some Pistols have double the intended amount of recoil when fired while ADS and then switching to hip fire.

Fixed – If two Defenders are outside and one of them goes back inside, the “You are detected” message will disappear.

Fixed – The angled grip is not providing the proper benefit.

Fixed – A destructible wall can become invulnerable if the Attacker is killed while detonating a second Breaching Charge.

Fixed – Players are able to shoot through barricades without causing damage to the barricade.

Fixed – Enemy names can be seen through barricades.

Fixed – A model error occurs behind players that equip a Nitro Cell.

Operator Fixes

All Operators

Fixed – Missing customization menu for PBR92.

Fixed – If an Operator mounts Tachanka’s LMG with a Pistol out, their arms will be near their chest after dismounting.

Fixed – Attackers are not killed when triggering Kapkan’s EDD and Frost’s Welcome Mat at the same time.



Fixed – Exothermic Charge does not destroy a reinforced wall in some instances.

Fixed – Thermites Exothermic Charge can be destroyed through a reinforced hatch or wall.



Fixed – Operators have a broken animation when viewing from 3rd person.

Fixed – Legs, arms, and the top of Blitz’s head are exposed when triggering his gadget.



Fixed – Jager receives twice the intended amount of points for disabling grenades.



Fixed – Some wooden walls require two breaching rounds to destroy.



Fixed – After an Operator is killed by Twitch’s Shock Drone, they are able to see the drone highlighted while in support mode.

Fixed – Shock Drone is no longer available after being revived from a DBNO state and picking up your Shock Drone.



Fixed – DBNO state’s blurred vision disappears when Caveira initiates an interrogation but cancels it.



Fixed – EDD will sometimes not destroy a barricaded door.



Fixed – Enemy players are not killed when Sledge breaches a wall they are standing next to with his Sledgehammer.



Fixed – Welcome Mat texture is floating if it’s placed on a trap door and an attacker gets caught in it.



Fixed – Black Eye Cameras pass through the frame of any window with aluminum shutters.


FBI Recruit

Fixed – FBI Recruit does not have heavy armor equipped.


Level Design Fixes

All Maps

Fixed – Players are able to place Breaching Charges, Cluster Charges, and other gadgets placed on the edge of a reinforced floor hatch.



Fixed – Defenders are able to easily spawn kill Attackers if they spawn in “Parking Front”



Fixed – One spawn location is not localized in some languages, and appears in English.


Club House

Fixed – It is possible to vault on the Library Cabinet in Bar.

Fixed – Severe rubberbanding occurs when a user walks near the hostage in “B Church”.

Fixed – Biker’s flag falls down when the wall between 1F Bar and 1F Central Hallway is reinforced.



Fixed – Sticky Gadgets do not collide with walls in lobby near Dining Room 1F as intended.



Fixed – Operators clip through the ceiling after a vault action over the wardrobe.

Fixed – Operator shields remain present in the air after dying when switching floors in the Caster Cam.

Fixed – Valkyrie’s Black Eye Cameras float when a wall object is destroyed.

Fixed – Attackers are vulnerable to being spawn killed at EXT Rooftops.



Fixed – When clipping through the map with a drone, players are able to see the entire map.



Fixed – The user can shoot through a small gap in-between the unbreakable walls from 3F Poker Room, and 3F Casino.

Fixed – Players are able to vault over an engine in 1F Engine Room and shoot outside.


Game Mode Fixes

Custom Match

Fixed – Tactical Realism is not properly localized in Japanese.

Fixed – Game crashes on Xbox One when completing a Hostage Rescue match alone.

Fixed – Kapkan does not receive points for any actions related to his EDD.



Fixed – “Prevent Revive” appears for both teams if the Attacker is disconnected while rappelling with the hostage.



Fixed – Invisible collision is present when throwing a Black Eye or Nitro Cell at inactive Biohazard container spawns.

Fixed – On Bank, the B Lockers Bomb Zone does not cover the entire room.


Player Experience Fixes

General Fixes

Fixed – Several game crashes were occurring more frequently since Season 3.

Fixed – Some users receive error code [0-0x00001001] during Step 3 of matchmaking.

Fixed – BattlEye service does not automatically start upon the first launch for Steam users.

Fixed – Missing a blending animation when vaulting over an object while ADS.

Fixed – When holding the SMG-11 or FMG-9 next to a wall, Operator’s arms would overlap inside of their body.

Fixed – Slow-motion replay of victims always show a glitchy entity position when an Operator enters a ragdoll state and fall to the ground.

Fixed – Players killed while in a DBNO state will sometimes have their bodies flipped 180°.

Fixed – Some weapon skins are not properly applied to the Para-308.

Fixed – Capitao’s Iron Mask headgear is not unlocking after purchasing.

Fixed – Several charms either appear offset, or do not appear on weapons or shields when viewed from 3rd person.

Fixed – Delay in the receipt of weapon charms after completing some challenges.

Fixed – Coffee cup charm has no collision with several weapons.

Fixed – Assassin’s Creed charm is offset.

Fixed – Attacker/Defender Chibi charm bundle is missing from the shop.


UI Fixes

Fixed – The MVP screen is zoomed in if the player that lands the final kill is ADS.

Fixed – Win/Loss and Kill/Death ratio is not displayed in the main menu.

Fixed – Vertical grip attachment text overlaps with its icon in some languages.

Fixed – Remaining matches for Season Rank Placement does not update in real time.

Fixed – The text describing the game mode overlaps with the user icons in some languages.

Fixed – In Spanish, Czech, Russian, and Latin American clients, the Switch View button overlaps Rotate.

Fixed – Debug text can be noticed while trying to pick up Deployable Shield or Barricade a window.

Fixed – Message displaying “Hold [Interact_button] To Drop the Defuser”.

Fixed – A persistent arrow remains next to the Operator Icon after being revived from a DBNO state.

Fixed – Navigation icons with D-Pad from the scoreboards are confusing.

Fixed – HUD elements remain above an Operator’s head while they are being interrogated by Caveira.

Fixed – When switching players while spectating, Caveira switches from Stealth to a normal stance.


Menu Fixes

Fixed – Inconsistencies between the formatting of the text for certain bundles.

Fixed – Union Jack bundle and Engraved bundle have the same name.

Fixed – The Capacity of the SASG-12 Shotgun is listed as 8.

Fixed – Uplay opens in full screen when attempting to redeem a locked Reward.

Fixed – Ops Icon Charm Bundle does not fit the text area in Japanese.

Fixed – Circle button is shown instead of Right Thumbstick on all tool tips in Japanese.

Fixed – Secondary weapons have a slot for charms in the loadout customization menu.

Fixed – There is no background music on the Operator selection menu, or on the main menu.

Fixed – System notification isn’t shown when creating or accepting an invitation to a local game lobby while

Multiplayer privilege is set to Blocked.

Fixed – User remains in infinite loading upon switching profiles.

Fixed – The R6 Credits Expired pop up is displayed after every log in.

Fixed – Club Challenges overlay is missing on the Russian client.

R6Stats reddit Bot

2 months ago by Jake0oo0

Hi everyone! We've recently passed 20,000 players indexed, and we want to introduce a new project that we've been working on in celebration!

We've created a reddit bot that pulls stats from R6Stats and posts them to reddit comments when summoned.

The bot is currently active in /r/Rainbow6 and /r/R6Stats


In order to summon the bot you can make a comment like this: /u/R6StatsBot player_username platform (xone, ps4, uplay). You can see an example reply here.

The bot displays the following stats for both casual and ranked in a table form:

  • Kills
  • Deaths
  • Wins
  • Losses
  • K/D Ratio
  • W/L Ratio

We're working on figuring out the best way to display more stats such as rank, playtime, etc, but obviously reddit's markdown system makes this a little harder to get right.

The bot also automatically deletes comments that get downvoted too much in order to prevent abuse.

R6Stats Arrives on Android!

4 months ago by Jake0oo0

Good evening everyone!

In collaboration with reddit and R6Stats user /u/Wh0_cares, we are able to announce the release of the R6Stats app on Android!

The app features all of the stats that you see here on R6Stats.com, but with even more advanced stats, and ease of access on Android devices!

You can download the app here!


Login Screen

View your stats:

View Stats

Check out the full app on the Google Play store and send us your feedback at @R6Stats on twitter!

Thank you!

Rainbow Six Update 3.2 Patch Notes

5 months ago by Jake0oo0

Update 3.2 Patch Notes

05-26-2016 10:23 PM

Update 3.2 will be deployed to PC on May 31st, and applied to consoles on June 1st.

Shield charms are now available. Universal charms can now be used on shield-wielding Operators. This is applicable to universal charms that have already been bought!

General Tweaks and Improvements

Operator Balancing Reworked Reloading with Shield Wielding Operators

  • We’ve disabled auto-reload on Blackbeard’s primary weapon when his shield is equipped. This will make Blackbeard’s gadget act in a similar way to other shield operators and will allow the player to decide when to reload.

  • We’ve fixed an issue where the pistol of a shield wielding operator will auto-reload after placing a gadget. This meant that the ballistic shield operator would be temporarily out of cover.

Gameplay Optimization Positioning and Perspective Representation Improvements More Accurate Gunfire Tracer Representation

Bullet tracers (white smoke lines that indicates where the bullet travels when fired) are now sourced from the 1st person model resulting in more accurate tracer representation. Previously, they were sourced from the 3rd person models, resulting in misleading gunfire situations when spectating or watching a teammate.

Character Positioning Fix We’ve improved the character model positioning so that it no longer clips and passes through the deployable shield and barricade while prone. This will result in reducing incongruous positioning and giving unfair advantages to enemy players.

Rappel Clipping Exploit Fixes On various locations on several maps, we’ve made it so that characters can no longer clip inside a wall being able to shoot enemies while in rappel.

Main Bug Fixes:

Gameplay - FIXED – Players are experiencing a controller stuttering when slowly moving the RS button in a direction.

  • FIXED – Sometimes, when the round starts some players won't spawn and are met with an out of world view.

  • FIXED – Broken animation when Jäger tries to pick up his gadget behind a glass window.

  • FIXED – Character turns 180 degrees when picking up deployable gadgets from the other side of a window.

  • FIXED – The Cluster Charge will not puncture a hole in Castle's Reinforced Barricades.

  • FIXED – Smoke’s remote gas grenade is invisible if thrown at the junction of a wall frame and a barricade.

  • FIXED – The recoil pattern changes in size for some semi-automatic rifles when the Flash Hider attachment is equipped.

  • FIXED – The recoil pattern preview of the Flash Hider with a Vertical Grip on the SR-25 changes differently from all the others.

  • FIXED – The effect of the "Grip" for semi-auto rifles on the Recoil Pattern chart is misleading.

  • FIXED – When in support mode, the LMG crosshair is not aligned correctly.

  • FIXED – Deployable Shield hitbox is still present during the unequip transition.

  • FIXED – First person camera remains stuck on drone cam or surveillance cams view if pressing the Down button on the D-Pad while attempting to pick up a gadget.

  • FIXED – Scoreboard fails to appear when attempting to open it after all drones have been destroyed during the preparation phase as an attacker.

  • FIXED – During death replay a player can see player icons floating around.

  • FIXED – The "You are Detected" visual cue is applied to the Death Cam replay if the defender that killed the user is detected outside before the replay finishes playing.

  • FIXED – The drone's orientation on the Z axis is changed to match that of the Client that died while using it

  • FIXED – Sometimes a Player cannot place a breach charge on a damaged window.

  • FIXED – Targeting dot of Barbed Wire appears in Pulse's Cardiac Sensor when switching to it while holding wire.

  • FIXED – Breach Charges can't be picked up after being placed on the floor or trap doors.

  • FIXED – Welcome mat is still visible on a player’s feet after being revived.

  • FIXED – In custom dedicated matches, the "Abandon match" button reads as "return to Main Menu" when choosing to Quit to Desktop.

  • FIXED – IQ’s Electronics Detector can retain full functionality while the primary weapon is active.

  • FIXED – If a player stops deploying a barricade at the last moment, he can deploy another one on top of it.

  • FIXED – The character gets stuck if he is put in DBNO while trying to climb ladder.

  • FIXED – The character can reload while disabling the defuser.

  • FIXED – Some gadgets can be picked up from the other side of wooden barricades

  • FIXED – Defenders are able to pick up a gadget while being destroyed by an attacker and will count to both team score.

  • FIXED – Player appears as killer in kill log if he hits a DBNO player with a thrown gadget.

  • FIXED – Frag Grenade reticle and feedback not shown when thrown back and cooked.

  • FIXED – Dropping a defuser down prevents player from deploying Breach Charges.

  • FIXED – Player's headset icon is missing when opening the Party Panel in the Portal.

  • FIXED – The icon of 556xi rifle is displayed when killing a user with the 552 Commando rifle.

  • FIXED – [PVE] The marker for enemies that have been scanned with the drone will remain after the enemy died.

Valkyrie - FIXED – The security camera effect remains present on the end of the round replay if Valkyrie’s Sticky Camera is accessed right before the end of the round.

  • FIXED – Valkyrie's Sticky Cameras remain floating after Deployable Shield is picked up.

  • FIXED – Valkyrie's Sticky Cameras float on Tachanka's turret.

  • FIXED – Players may be able to throw more than 4 Sticky Cameras.

  • FIXED – Many occurrences of Valkyrie’s Sticky Cameras passing through the corners at various coordinates on Yacht, Plane, Kanal, Hereford Base, Club House, and Oregon.

Blackbeard - FIXED – No warning message is displayed when trying to equip the destroyed Rifle-Shield.

  • FIXED – The MK17 CQB continues to cycle empty rounds in full auto when the Gun Shield is equipped.

  • FIXED – Although Blackbeard's shield is destroyed, it will appear like it's not in the death replay.

Level Design:

Border - FIXED – A misaligned geometry can be noticed if the floor is destroyed in the Southern side of the room.

  • FIXED – A rubberband effect is caused when going through a tunnel in Border.

  • FIXED – Attackers can shoot defenders through a small gap at "EXT Terrace" area.

  • FIXED – A player can't climb the stairs in prone in 1F East Stairs.

  • FIXED – A player can see under the map with the drone in the crash scene area.

  • FIXED – Player is able to get Out of bounds with a vault in specific area.

  • FIXED – Player is able to get stuck between the chairs in 2F – Offices.

  • FIXED – The player is able to reach the top scaffolding near the waiting room stairs.

  • FIXED – Moved a floating ammobox to fit the ground.

  • FIXED – Defenders may remain stuck in spawn point Server Room.

Yacht - FIXED – Valkyrie can throw here Sticky Camera under the mini-submarine.

Konsulate - FIXED – A redwall is not present to prevent Valkyrie’s Sticky Camera to be thrown outside from skylights in preparation phase.

  • FIXED – Tachanka’s LMG cannot be used if placed near the servers inside B - Archives room.

Kanal - FIXED – A player can vault out of bounds in a certain location.

  • FIXED – Frag grenade can damage/kill players through unbreakable ceiling/floor from the room below the player.

Kafe Dostoyevski - FIXED – A redwall is not present to prevent Valkyrie’s Sticky Camera to be thrown outside from skylights in preparation phase.

Plane - FIXED – One of the defenders may remain stuck in spawn point Executive Bedroom.

Clubhouse - FIXED – The exterior wall from 2F CCTV Room disappears in Support Mode.

Chalet - FIXED – The user can shoot an enemy through a small gap.

House - FIXED – Jäger can't pick up his gadget from toy house in 2F kids bedroom.


Winning Team showcase - FIXED – Players can get shot and killed by enemy NPCs during the winning showcase when playing a Terrorist Hunt session.

  • FIXED – Text overlap is present when viewing the Scoreboard during the "Winning Screen Showcase."

  • FIXED – Disabled teammates’ silhouettes during showcase.

  • FIXED – If a player is bleeding out as the game ends and dies during the winning showcase, the spectator HUD will appear.

Spectator Camera - FIXED – The map objective remains highlighted during the Winning Team Showcase.

  • FIXED – In first person camera, the operator icon appears over the character.

  • FIXED – Switching first person focus while a player is in ADS will have focused player's weapon blurry when in Spectator mode.

  • FIXED – "Spectator Cam - Follow Player" buttons are broken on odd rounds.

Community Stats Website - Stats: Fixed an issue where Terrorist hunt stats wouldn’t show on some browsers

  • Stats: Added back Penetration kills/Melee kills/Revives/Assist

  • Stats: Fixed intermittent highlight bug in tables

  • Follow: Fixed an issue where friends import would fail

  • Follow: Fixed an issue where the list got filled with duplicate entries.

Undocumented Changes in 3.0 - FIXED – The Thermite situation on Kafe requires you to kill 2 enemies with Frag Grenades, Thermite no longer has Frag Grenades.

  • FIXED – Rappelling exploits that allow you to vault through walls on various maps, such as, Hereford Base, Kanal, Kafe, and others.

  • FIXED – When trying to switch to the D-50 with no more ammo in the MPX, it keeps switching back to the MPX.

  • FIXED – [Fixed in 3.0] The window on Consulate in the service stairs is difficult to vault through.

via Ubisoft forums

Rainbow Six Pro League: Season 2 Player Stats

5 months ago by Jake0oo0

Hello everyone!

In spirit of the second season of the Rainbow Six ESL Pro League, we have compiled a list of all of the players and teams competing in this season. All data is based on the gamertag that players provided on the ESL website, meaning that we weren't able to find certain players due to out of date data.

All of the info for this season's pro league is available on the ESL website here.

reddit user /u/pinchet compiled a list of streamers who are participating in this season and have streamed Rainbow Six previously.

Xbox One

Strictly Business:



Marco Polo

Perseus sB



Team eLevate:

no stats found


JisSweet captain





Karnage trial

Team AGG R6:








Denial eSports:

FightIR captain


Faxing - stats not found

Havik - stats not found

Powerfwl - stats not found


Shocks captain





The Boxer




Riddle - stats not found

twitchtvjdvandal - stats not found

Denied xz


Strata captain

Finest X




PC / UPlay

Trinity eSports








True AmBition






Kingdom eSports







Electronic Gaming Evolution














Empire Esports Pro








VexX Gaming



















Happy memorial day!

R6Stats: The Future of Rainbow Six Stat Tracking

5 months ago by Jake0oo0

Welcome to R6Stats.com! The site has been a work in progress for several weeks now, and after a couple weeks of alpha testing, we are finally ready to release to the public!

R6Stats includes several features that neither the official R6 website does not display nor any other stat tracking site. In a game such as Rainbow Six, where competition is everything, being able to track your stats and daily progression is of the utmost important.

During the alpha testing period, Ubisoft launched their latest update to the Rainbow 6 stat tracking website, but I immediately noticed a lot of complaints and missing features. The site also has a lot of unnecessary content, further enlarging the amount of data it takes to view your stats, making it even worse on slow connections. R6Stats uses very little client side resources in order to make your experience on R6Stats quick and easy.

With the launch of R6Stats, there is a whole list of of features ready to go with more on the way:

  • Tracking basic ranked and casual stats, including kills, deaths, wins, etc, and some calculated stats.

  • Tracking your favorite operators, currently based on playtime, but eventually sortable by any statistic.

  • Tracking daily progress for your K/D and W/L ratios, along with the amount of time that you play each day.

  • Leaderboards sortable by ranked vs. casual, by platform, and by each statistic. Eventually creating a geo leaderboard to compete with people around you.

  • Database of the various operators, weapons, and gadgets in the game.

  • Lookup players by platform in the search bar up top.

  • Register and login to your own account. Register to favorite up to 10 players and view all their stats in a simple table on your dashboard. (Navigation -> "Username" -> "Dashboard")

  • View site usage statistics on the homepage to get an idea of who you're actually competing with in the leaderboards. Actual numbers not yet displayed.

  • Supports mobile and 100% responsive. Improvements are being made with each patch.

If you have any questions, please shoot us a tweet @R6Stats. Huge shoutout to the several people who helped me alpha test the site and actually responded to emails and reported bugs. Wouldn't have found a lot of the major issues without them.

I am also looking for help with design and development of the website. If you are interested, please feel free to DM on twitter!

Enjoy the site!



Lead Developer

Global Stats

  • Indexed Players: 58,078
  • Unique Searches (24h): 1,998
  • Recent Updates (1h): 198
  • Last updated: Godswarrior204
  • Xbox Players: 12,490
  • PS4 Players: 21,375
  • UPlay Players: 24,213

Top Ranked

# Gamertag Kill/Death Ratio
1 reflextriggered 60.0
2 Baboon971 15.667
3 milktimio 15.0
4 grumman1234 14.0
5 navi.starix 13.9
6 minamisyou 11.5
7 SaudiKamelrider_ 11.5
8 t_man-x 11.0
9 bournegk 11.0
10 shadowfall1911 11.0
11 RIPDexterMorgan 11.0
12 Throwinaboomer 10.5
13 tina.- 10.0
14 CliilCilli 9.346
15 bluraine745 9.0
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